8 Questions with……..actress Karen Cliche

The Inner Circle

Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with…..”

I have been following the career of our next guest,the lovely and bad ass Karen Cliche since 2002.
Back in the late 90s and going through the early years of the 2000s,there was a whole slew of syndicticated TV shows were being shown on TV. 
  The first time I watched Karen,she was co-starring with Michael Biehn of Terminator fame in a very cool show called “Adventure,Inc” which came out in 2002. The show featured Karen,Michael and another rising star in Jesse Nilsson as a team of globe trotting adventure seekers who looked for for treasue but also to help people. 
  Karen played Mackenzie Previn and she just lit up the screen. The show was so much fun and it looked like a hit that could run for years but tragedy struck when Jesse passed away from pneumonia related heart failure…

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