Have Cheetah,Will View #515 – “Green Lantern” (2011)

The Inner Circle

Its 12:04 am
dark on Oa

I can see some of you doing a double take on my latest review….a full blown DC live action superhero review….but you know what? The cheetah and I have reviewed live action superhero films on here before,both for Marvel and DC. But yeah,I never thought I would see myself reviewing “Green Lantern”either.
But two things really drove me to doing this review…I was tired of seeing Ryan Reynolds shit all over this movie. Now I could understand if he was talking shit about his own performance,he is certainly entitled to do so but when he bashes the whole movie,that includes everyone else who worked on it as well.  So Ryan is wrong in doing that no matter how “cute” it he may think it is.
During my rewatch I have to say that I enjoyed this movie even more then I did the first…

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