Have Cheetah,Will View #516 – “Devil’s Gate” (2017)

The Inner Circle

Its 3:31 pm

First off,the cheetah and I are still here and kicking……and we have been watching movies!! The cheetah suggested that since we had been in a bit of a film watching slump,we break it by watching a film from IFC Midnight as we haven’t done one in a LONG time.
So we looked at the shelf and decided to go with “Devil’s Gate” which came out in in 2017.
I had bought my original copy of “Devil’s Gate” as a used copy from Family Video but for some reason it wouldn’t play on my BluRay player. I didn’t think I would be able to get a copy unless I paid far more then I did at Family Video.
But when IFC Films and IFC Midnight films suddenly started popping up at Dollar Tree sales,I went looking for a new copy and was lucky enough to find a…

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